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Certified Workers' Compensation Advisor

Certified Workers' Compensation AdvsiorThe Institute of WorkComp Professionals requires each insurance agent to go through extensive training before earning Certification. They are also trained to read the "fine print" and know the rules.
A Certified WorkComp Advisor, CWCA, is aware of all the potential errors––audit, Experience Modification factor, return-to-work programs, employee classifications, injury management and more.

Employers understand after just a few minutes together that Certified WorkComp Advisors really know the entire Workers’ Comp System.

A Certified WorkComp Advisor offers these benefits:

• Identifies errors and submits them for correction.
• Locates Experience Modification mistakes and follows up to get them corrected.
• Obtains refunds for “money left on the table.”
• Helps employers establish a process for reducing costs and eliminating future errors.
• Committed to ex mod and cost reduction over time.
• Serves as a continuing advisor.

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